Adichie, C- Americanah
Amsterdam, S- Things We Didn't See Coming
Atkinson, K-
Atkinson, K- A God in Ruins
Atwood, M- Alias Grace
Atwood, M- The Blind Assassin
Auslander, S- Hope: A Tragedy

Barber, R - The Marlowe Papers
Barnes, J- The Sense of an Ending
Barnes, J- The Noise of Time
Barrett, S- Rush Oh!
Blume, J- In The Unlikely Event
Bond, C- Ruby
Boyd, W- Any Human Heart
Bronte, A- Agnes Grey
Bukowski, C- Ham on Rye
Burnet, GM- His Bloody Project
Burton, J- The Muse

Catton, E - The Luminaries
Chambers, B- The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet
Christie, A- And Then There Were None
Christie, A- The Clocks
Christie, A- Murder on the Orient Express
Christie, A- The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
Cline, E- The Girls
Crace, J- Harvest
Cutter, N- The Troop

Decker, Joel- The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair
Dick, PK- The Man in the High Castle
Dickens- A Tale of Two Cities

Ellis, J- The Butcher's Hook
Enright, A- The Green Road

Faber, M- The Crimson Petal and the White
Farjeon, J.J- Mystery in WhiteFarooki, R- The Good Children
Flanagen, R- The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Fletcher, S- Let Me Tell You About A Man I Knew
Fowler, KJ- We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
Fridlund, E- History of Wolves

Gaiman, N -Stardust
Gaiman, N- The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Gale, P- A Place Called Winter
Gattis, R- All Involved

Haig, M - The Radleys
Hain, M - The Humans
Harrison, H - Make Room! Make Room!
Hawkins- The Girl on the Train
Holmqvist, N- The Unit

Ishiguro, K- Never Let Me Go
Ivey, E - The Snow Child

Jackson, S- We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Jasmon, A- Summer of Secrets
Jordan, H- When She Woke

Kay, A- This is Going to Hurt
Kent, H - Burial Rites
King, S- The Shining
King, S- Under the Dome
King, S- Misery
King, S- The Mist
King, S- 'Salem's Lot
King. S- The Dark Half
King, S- Gerald's Game
King, S- Pet Semetary

Lahiri, J - The Lowland
Lane, J - Black Lake 
Leipciger, S- The Mountain Can Wait

Mackenzie, R- In a Land Of Paper Gods
Magee, A- The Undertaking
Mandal, ESJ-Station Eleven
Manning, K- My Notorious Life
Mantel, H- Wolf Hall
McBride, E- A Girl Is A Half Formed Thing
McCarthy, C- No Country for Old Men
McGann, M- The Ladies of the House
McInerney, L- The Glorious HeresiesMcKenzie, E-The Portable Veblen
McVeigh, P- The Good Son
Meyer, P- The Son
Mills, M.B- Waiting for Doggo
Morgan, CE- The Sport of Kings
Murakami, H- 1Q84

Ness, P - A Monster Calls

Obioma, C- The Fishermen

Page, J - The Collector of Lost Things
Perry, S- The Essex Serpent
Pratchett, T- The Colour of Magic
Punke, M- The Revenant

Rhys, J- Wide Sargasso Sea
Rothschind, H- The Improbability of Love
Rusbridge, J- Rook

Saramago, J- Blindness
Saramago, J- Seeing
Saunders, G- Lincoln in the Bardo
Schmidt, S- See What I Have Done
Sedgwick, M- Mister Memory
Self, W- The Book of Dave
Smaill, A- The Chimes
Smith, A- How To Be Both
Smith, A- Autumn
Steinbeck, J- East of Eden
Stewart, George R.- Earth Abides

Tartt, D- The Goldfinch
Tartt, D- The Little Friend
Thien, M- Do Not Say We Have Nothing
Toews, M- A Complicated Kindness
Tolkein, J.R.R - The Lord of the Rings
Tyler, A- A Spool of Blue Thread

Wallace, W -The Painted Bridge
Waters, S- The Little Stranger
Waugh, E- Decline and Fall
Wecker, H- The Golem & the Djinni
Welsh, L- No Dominion
Wier, A- The Martian
Williams, J - Butcher's Crossing
Wood, B- The Ecliptic

Young, N- Season to Taste: Or How to Eat Your Husband

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