Children's & Young People's Books

Arbuthnott, G- Crazy Creatures
Abnett, D- Dragon Frontier

Backman, A- The Prisoner of Night and Fog
Backshall, S- Tiger Wars
Barnard, S- Beautiful Broken Things
Bell, A- Frozen Charlotte
Black, H- Doll Bones
Blackman, M- Noughts & Crosses
Blackman, M- Chasing the Stars
Boyne, J- The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket
Bradford, C - Ninja: First Mission
Bradman, T- Stories of World War 1
Brahmachari, S- Kite Spirit
Brooks, K- The Bunker Diary

Cabot, M- The Princess Diaries
Caldecott, E-The Great Ice Cream Heist
Campbell, A- Land
Cassidy, A- Dead Time
Child, L- Ruby Redfort: Look into my Eyes
Colfer, E- Artemis Fowl
Collins, S- The Hunger Games
Cooper, S- Ghost Hawk
Crossan, S- The Weight of Water
Crossan, S- Apple and Rain
Crossan, S- One
Crossan, S & Conaghan, B- We Come Apart

Dawson, J- Say Her Name
Dawson, J- All of the Above
Dawson, J- Cruel Summer
Dawson, J- Margot & Me
Day, S- The Secrets of Billie Bright
Dickinson, M- Mortal Chaos
Dockrill, L- Lorali
Doherty, Berlie- The Company of Ghosts
Ducie, J- The Rig

Earle, P- The Bubble Wrap Boy
Eastham, R- Arrowhead
Eve, L- The Graces

Fine, A- Blood Family
Fraillon, Z- The Bone Sparrow

Gardner, S- Maggot Moon
Gardner, S- Tinder
Gavin, R- Knightley & Son
Gosling, S- Fir
Grant, M- Gone

Harcourt, M- Unconventional
Hardinge, F- Cuckoo Song
Hardinge, F- The Lie Tree
Heathfield, L- Seed
Heathfield, L- Paper Butterflies
Higson, C- The Enemy
Higson, C- The Dead
Higson, C- The Fear
Higson, C- The Sacrifice
Higson, C- The Fallen
Higson, C- The Hunted
Hill, W- After the Fire

Jones, RL- Wild Boy

Kiely, K- SOS Lusitania 
Kinney, J- Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Kulpers, A- Life on the Refrigerator Door

Lacey, J- The Island of Thieves
Laird, E- The Fastest Boy in the World
Lake, N- There Will Be Lies
Lisle, R- Brightling
Lockhart, E- We Were Liars
Lucas, R- The State of Grace
Luurtsema, N- Girl Out of Water

Macphail, C-Under the Skin
Mayhew, J- Monster Odyssey: Eye of Neptune
Mayo, S- Itch
McKay, K- Undead
McLachlan, J- Flirty Dancing
McManus, D- Shiver the Whole Night Through
Morell, A- Survive
Morgan, K- The 100

Nadin, J- Joe All Alone
Ness, P- More Than This
Ness, P- The Knife of Never Letting Go
Ness, P- The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Norriss, A- Jessica's Ghost

O'Guilin, P- The Call
O'Neill, L- Only Ever Yours
O'Neill, L- Asking For It
Oseman, A- Radio Silence
Owen, D- The Fallen Children

Paige, D- Dorothy Must Die
Palacio, RJ- Wonder
Palmer, T- Ghost Stadium
Pratt, N- Trouble
Pratt, N- Remix
Preller, J- Scary Tales: Home Sweet Horror

Reeve, P- Mortal Engines
Rennison, L- Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging
Revell, M- Stonebird
Riordan, J-When the Guns Fall Silent
Rosoff, M- How I Live Now
Rosoff, M- Picture Me Gone
Rowell, R- Eleanor & Park
Rowell, R- Fangirl
Rundell, K- Rooftoppers
Russell, C- Songs About a Girl

Sedgwick, M- Midwinterblood
Sedgwick, M-The Ghosts of Heaven
Shearer, A- Sky Run
Shelton, D- A Boy and a Bear in a Boat
Siggins, G- Rugby Spirit
Simon, F- The Monstrous Child
Slater, K- Smart
Smale, H- Geek Girl
Smith, A- Grasshopper Jungle
Stead, R- Goodbye Stranger
Stewart, M- Riverkeep
Sugg, Z- Girl Online
Sutcliffe, W- Concentr8
Swindells, R- Snapshot

Tasane, S- Nobody Saw No On
Thomas, A- The Hate U Give
Thompson, L- The Goldfish Boy

Walton, L- The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender
Westcott, R- Dandelion Clocks
Westerfeld, S- Uglies
Wheatle, A- Crongton Knights
Williamson, L- The Art of Being Normal
Wilson, J- Katy
Woodfine, K- The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow
Wooding, C- Pale

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