Friday, 7 August 2015


  1. I am a qualified librarian and read about 2 books a week.
  2. I like lists, hence this list.
  3. I have a library in my house, which I love to bits.
  4. My Harry Potter obsession consumes my life. If Harry Potter trivia was an Olympic event, I'd like to think I'd make team GB.
  5. I used to have pet chickens and hope to do so again one day. They were called Jesse and Kestrel.
  6. I take a size 9.5 shoe. Which is hard when you're a) female and b) not a million years old therefore have strong 'NO' feelings about velcro.
  7. I have moved house once in my life.
  8. When I was little I loved dinosaurs, Meccano and Thunderbirds. And Famous Five books.
  9. Me and my sister amassed a depressingly massive Beanie Baby collection in the 1990s. Ooooh yeah.
  10. If I see clothing with prints of birds or woodland animals, I will buy it.
  11. I once wrote off a car and got a speeding ticket on the same day. Within hours of each other.
  12. I used to dye the front half of my hair purple until it started going crispy and falling out.
  13. There are no words to describe my hatred of physical activity.
  14. I burn instantly if I go outside in summer.
  15. I get instantly bitten to death by midges if I go outside in summer. Or near a canal.
  16. I know all of the words to all three Indiana Jones films. You will notice that this franchise remains a trilogy.
  17. I'm a secret twitcher and can probably identify 95% of the UK's bird species. Ooooooooh get that.
  18. I keep buying A line and circle skirts even though I know they look terrible on me and I won't wear them.
  19. I LOVE London's Natural History Museum and go on a pilgrimage there at least once every 3 years.
  20. Same with the Harry Potter Studio tour, only that's an annual thing. Yaaaaay M25!
  21. I'm from the Midlands...which is Southerners think is North and Northerners think is South.
  22. I like watching cycling, but no way on Earth will I voluntarily get on a bike.
  23. I wish I was Belgian, because it's the coolest, most surreal and weirdly modest country in the world. Also, chocolate and beer.
  24. I got my lip pierced when I was 18 and have somehow managed 9 years of subsequent employment without it ever being alluded to *fingers crossed*
  25. I have 1 younger sister who is so annoyingly skinny, she looks like a bit that dropped off me.
  26. I'm a vegetarian, and take it proper seriously.
  27. On a related note, I have never eaten a prawn, a kebab, a steak, a mussel or ribs.
  28. On an also related note, I miss bacon, marshmallows and Haribo.
  29. But I do bloody love curry and would eat it every day if my cooking style was less "Why is there sauce on the ceiling?"
  30. I like autumn and winter better than spring and summer.
  31. I'm a card-carrying Ravenclaw.
  32. I hate the sound of my own voice on video recordings and can't understand why anybody else in the world can stand to hear me speak.
  33. My attempts at baking are hilarious, and only ever revived when GBBO is on telly.
  34. I love GBBO and it's probably the only TV show I will voluntarily watch on actual TV.
  35. The 3rd series of Sherlock was the most disappointing thing that ever happened to me.
  36. I've been a bridesmaid twice, twenty years apart. It was much easier to get shoes the first time.
  37. Pixar films are the only films that give me feels. I'm an emotionless stone.
  38. I don't wear make-up because I've never really worked out what to do with most products, despite their instructive names.
  39. I keep diaries on all the books I read, and carry them around with me pretty much at all times.
  40. My Patronus is definitely a sloth. I can just imagine it lazily swiping at Dementors than nodding off.
  41. I'm 5ft11 and have a horrible slouch in an attempt to not be 5ft11.
  42. When I was 18 I went on the Weakest Link and came 4th. I wasn't the weakest link when I got voted off  #Tactics
  43. My most long-term favourite band is Radiohead and I've never seen them, which makes me sad. I have however managed to see New Found Glory 8 times, and I never even liked them.
  44. My favourite guilty pleasure films are Face/Off, National Treasure and Air Force One. I will also watch Independence Day whenever it is on ITV2. Because how can you not?
  45. I have frequent daydreams about disappearing to live in a log cabin in the woods and growing my own vegetables and weaving my own cloth.
  46. For this reason I find post-apocalyptic fiction both appealing and instructive.
  47. My big toes don't bend. I'm not sure why.
  48. I have never in my life danced or sang any kind of Kareoke. I intend to keep it this way.
  49. I don't like beaches. At all.
  50. This is the first blog tag thing I've ever done.

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